To be interested in fashion while also being a conscious consumer is not so easy when the common range of clothing does not match your own high demands on production, materials, quality and design. Because of this, I choose only the best available for Ecosphere: good quality, ethical production, and climate friendly materials. And maybe the best of all: design that you will love and will want to wear all the time!

My hope with Ecosphere is to be a great and easy alternative for the conscious consumer, and my goal is to supply sustainable fashion without connection to overconsumption and degradation of the earths eco systems. Sustainable fashion is about buying the clothes you really like: great looking, sustainable and timeless pieces that works perfectly for your closet!

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Instagram: @ecosphere.se
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I'm the founder of Ecosphere: Pernilla. Apart from running Ecosphere, both the online and the Stockholm store, I also blog about sustainable lifestyles at  Ekoenkelt. My educations consists of environmental science, sustainable urban planning & design, criminology and fashion studies. I'm also the writer of the book 'Ekoenkelt: Vägen till en hållbar livsstil'.


You can find the blog here (available in Swedish): Ekoenkelt

You can find the book here (available in Swedish): Ekoenkelt: Vägen till en hållbar livsstil